JV InvenTeam ELT

For the 3rd and 4th quarter, a JV InvenTeam ELT will be offered at Longsjo Middle School! This ELT will be run in cooperation with MIT and sponsored through a grant provided by the Lemelson-MIT Program.

Students on JV InvenTeams "hone their hands-on skills and enrich their STEM education through invention-based design activities."

Our first activity unit is working to invent shoe soles. Then, we will be working to build a hydroponic garden.

Before starting the activity units, students spent some time exploring the invention process with a few shorter assignments such as inventing a phone stand.

While getting started on our Shoe Soles project, JV InvenTeam students also had the chance to participate in the Amp It Up Challenge by visiting Starrett Tools manufacturing facility in Athol, MA. They toured the facility, learning about how micrometers are manufactured and used. Students then worked to create a video presentation about their trip to be submitted to the Amp It Up Challenge.

During the Shoe Soles unit, students learned about the invention process as well as how biomechanics and biomimicry are used in designing athletic equipment. They each used clay to sculpt a shoe sole for a specific activity and then created molds and prototypes.

We then moved onto the Growing Green unit. Students learned about water pressure, hydraulic force, and water management while designing and building a hydroponic garden! Students learned to use tools to accurately measure and cut PVC pipes. Then students built syphons, check valves, and water pumps.